The list of Associates and the sub-pages on cultural and natural heritage will indicate the sorts of broad-brush areas in which we can help you and provide solutions and ways forward. However, we are also happy to talk to you about other needs you may have, where we can provide assistance - just get in touch! This can especially be the case where you need a composite contract delivering, where we can integrate a specialist from our wide network - not necessarily listed in 'Associates' - who can complete a team and make your project management easier.

Strategic Planning

We bring a fresh pair of eyes and can help with your long-range view. We will work with you to develop a workable strategy, with a cascade to development phases and action plans. We can objectively map your stakeholder relationships and expectations and improve your sector positioning.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Based on years of senior leadership experience, coupled with a wealth of coaching and mentoring of our and others' line reports, we will help you develop into your existing and future roles, with an element of challenge to refine your thinking, your process, your management techniques and your professional relationships.

Working with Boards

We have sat on many Boards and reported to others. We will work with your Board to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and delivering against these. We will undertake a skills audit and recommend any required changes to the Board composition, behaviours and process.