Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us at any time to find out more about us, our services and what we can do for you and your organisation. However, to save you time, we have compiled a FAQ section below...

 01  How do we start the conversation?

Steve will very happily take a call or email from you at any time and is looking forward to your first contact.




 02  I am not sure you're what we need. Will you bill me for finding out?!

As testimonials from past clients show, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and renowned for going the extra mile to achieve this.  As a goodwill gesture, Steve will visit you (or use Skype/telephone if this suits you better) for a preliminary chat, so we can discover whether we are a good fit with your needs and whether it is likely to work... and this first consultation is free.




 03  What if I am a long way from Dunfermline?  Won't that prove tricky (and expensive)?

We have a large range of Associates across Scotland, whom we draw upon to make up teams where this is the best approach to suit client needs. Smaller contracts may comprise a team of two or three, or even just one... Steve. We charge 45p/mile if we do need to travel, and will stay overnight in reasonable accommodation if appropriate, passing on the charge at cost, all fully agreed at the outset and detailed in our tender/proposal.




 04  Are you insured? 

We hold a high level of insurance, mainly to satisfy the requirements of the larger public contracts. Currently our cover is Professional Indemnity (£2m); Public Liability (£5m); Employer's Liability (£10m). 




 05  Do you have policies on access, equality and health & safety, which I can see?.


We have an environmental policy; an equality & diversity policy; a health & safety policy; and a quality policy, which you are welcome to request sight of at any time.